Thursday, March 09, 2006

DeLay won, NY Times gets over it

The NY Times admitted that DeLay won, and from their tone they are not happy.

Notice that they put the word "rigging" in quotation marks.

I hate when people put words in quotes. I believe Leo Strauss described this whole situation quite aptly.

To put the terms designating such things in quotation marks is a childish trick
which enables one to talk of important subjects while denying the principles
without which there cannot be important subjects-a trick which is meant to allow
one to combine the advantage of common sense with the denial of common sense. Or
can one say anything relevant on public opinion polls, for example, without
realizing the fact that many answers to the questionnaires are given by
unintelligent, uninformed, deceitful, and irrational people, and that not a few
questions are formulated by people of the same caliber.
Leo Strauss, Natural Right and History

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sen. Reid: Your corruption has come home to roost

While the Dims continue to attack the Republicans and Tom DeLay as corrupt, it seems that their own Minority Leader was so deeply in bed with Abramoff that I hope he had protection.

Reid is still denying that he had any connection with Abramoff and will not return the funds he received. He also continues to blast Republicans over their supposed corruption.

I think this is the best thing that could happen. The Dims want to hang the albatross of corruption around the neck of Republicans, but the more they dig the more of them come up dirty.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sorry folks

Sorry for the lax blogging latley, but I have been out of town for a friends wedding. I was a groomsman...alas always a groomsmen and never a groom.

I am back and rested now so I will jump back on the train.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Remember these facts...

when Nick Lampson starts claiming he is a "conservative" Democrat.

Lampson received money during the 2004 election (where he was seriously drubbed by Ted Poe) from the following far-Left organizations:

Move - $5,000.00

Planned Parenthood - $2,000.00

Democracy for America (run by Howard Dean's brother) - $2,000.00

Committee for a Progressive Congress - $2,000.00

Citizens for Global Solutions - $1,000.00

Sierra Club - $4,810.00

Human Rights Campaign (militant gay organization) - $9,850.00 (including in-kind contributions)

Along with these were a whole slew of Unions (AFL-CIO for example) and other radical special interests.

Lampson also received money from the infamous cut-and-run John Murtha ($2,000.00) along the robot Nancy Pelosi ($2,000.00).

The whole list can be seen here.

Rep. DeLay's list can be seen here.

The best parts about the DeLay list are the groups that ran ads against him.

They range from Democracy for America to the notorious perennial presidential candidate Fascist/felon Lyndon LaRouche.

I just can't wait to see who gives to good old Nick this time around.

George Will's latest column

George Will apparently spent some time with Congressman DeLay and produced a very fine article.

Read it here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Come on folks I need the support

I run this place during my own free time, which seems to dwindle everyday, and I do this out a desire to stand up for a man who has really inspired me.

I'm just a poor college student, but I know the truth when I hear it, and Mr. Delay speaks it.

Give me a little support with some comments. I do moderate them; just to ensure that everything remains civil. If you have an axe to grind do it logically.

Other than that civil debate is welcome. Please comment away.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Houston station to run hit ads about DeLay

Campaign for America's Future, a radical Left-wing organization, has decided to run hit ads in the Houston market.

CAF's website and manifesto make the same tired allegations about high unemployment and bad economic conditions that all neo-Socialist organizations make when they cannot come up with a fact based arguement.

The best part is that they claim to want to stop powerful special interests. Let's investigate this claim shall we.

Here is a list some of their founders:

Morton Bahr: Communication Workers of America

Ann Beaudry: People for the American Way

Moe Biller: American Postal Workers Union

Julian Bond: NAACP Board Chair

Thomas Buffenbarger: Machinists Union

Douglas H. Dority: United Food and Commercial Workers

Barbara Ehrenreich: Writer

Edward Fire: International Union of Electronic Workers

Patricia Ireland: National Organization for Women

Thea Lee: AFL-CIO Assistant Director of Public Policy

The full list can be viewed here. The most striking thing about it is that it is a who's who of Left-wing 5th Columnists.

First of all you see alot of unions represented. Unions ARE a powerful special interest and I would wager the most corrupt of them all.

Then there are people like the unreformed Marxist Barbara Ehrenreich, whose incoherant works are forced on unsuspecting students everyday. She is hardly an average citizen.

What the list amounts to is a cross section of the cultural tyrants of America who seek to destroy the foundations of our democracy.

This is just a sham campaign orchestrated by a bunch of Leftwingers who can't win at the ballot box because their ideas are unpopular.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words

...if Time magazine claims it is.

According to Time, it seems that there are some photos of President Bush with Jack Abramoff.

Lets have some fun with this shall we.

First of all the pictures are not in Times possession. They merely claim to have seen them. Sounds kind of fishy to me. Supposedly, source did not want to give them up. I wonder who this source is. Apparently it is someone with a monumental amount of money. I am sure that Time offered them ever dime they had in order to get these pictures.

The photos were taken when Abramoff, Texas Indian leaders, and state legislators visited the White House. The president, or any politician, attend hundreds of these types of events a year. They stand for lots of photos with people they do not know. I once got my picture taken with John Travolta. That doesn't mean I can do the Hussle.

There are some very telling parts of the article. First of all, it says that Abramoff was frozen out of White House meetings in 2002 because aides were suspicious of his funding connections and he wanted to discuss things that were not on their agenda.

Of course this quote is the best: "No evidence has emerged that the Bush Administration has done anything for the Kickapoo at Abramoff's behest."

Therefore this seems to be much ado about nothing. Harry Reid, who also took money from Abramoff, is demanding details on White House connections with Abramoff. If I was the White House I would reply with "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours."

The point is that a simple connection to Abramoff does not make you guilty of corruption. The Left has yet to show any evidence that Abramoff unduly influenced Mr. DeLay, but to the Left, guilt by association is the order of the day. Mr. DeLay wasn't even mentioned in Mr. Abramoff's plea deal.

The Dims have jumped on this for a very good reason. It is not, as some have suggested, that they have no agenda. It is because they can not honestly tell the American people what their agenda is. They want the people to throw out the Republicans but not to have even a vague idea about what they want to do. This is because the American people do not support an agenda that will redistribute income, race-bait, remove God from our public discourse, and weaken American resolve in the war against the nihilistic animals that seek to destroy us.

Oh yeah and they all buddy up to Castro, which makes me dislike them even more.